Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Euro 2008 Spreadsheet

Euro 2008 Spreadsheet (Google spreadsheet online version)

Track down the EURO 2008 action with this easy to EURO 2008 spreadsheet made with Google spreadsheets. Just enter the scoreline to generate the results. Enter your team to have a quick look at the matches, results, points table and squads. Know the match timings in your country. If you have lost a bit, just visit and copy our spreadsheet again. We would updating right through the tournament.

Click here to download the file in MICROSOFT EXCEL format

This is what the spreadsheet looks like


  1. Follow this link and open the spreadsheet
    • Click the EDIT THIS PAGE link at the bottom of the spreadsheet
    • SIGN IN with your GOOGLE account .
    • Now, click FILE and click COPY SPREADSHEET.
    • Enter a name for the spreadsheet and start tracking.
  2. The Euro 2008 spreadsheet has three sheets WELCOME, SCHEDULE,SQUADS. Enter your favorite team in the WELCOME sheet to the right of SELECT YOUR TEAM option. This will display the matches for your team, points table and the team squad. You should enter the name of the team correctly. Enter the team as shown in the teams list.
  3. In the SCHEDULE sheet, just enter the scoreline. If the match is decided on penalty, then enter the penalty scoreline. Just enter the scoreline. The spreadsheet automatically generates the QUARTERFINAL line up.
  4. To know the match timings in your country, enter your country name in the SELECT YOUR COUNTRY option. The country name you entered should match the country name provided in our list. (This would be found in the extreme right side of the spreadsheet)
  5. We love to hear from you. Post your suggestion and ways for improvement via comments.

For the list of teams, click here
For the list of countries supported for time zone, click here

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